.... or when will ordinary people get a look in?

Presentation by David Wilcox, Editor, Communities Online. Newtel, October18 1996.

The presentation covered:

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My interest stems from

What are your questions....

The audience provided a range of questions around he cost of getting online, public access, integrity of information and other issues dealt with below.

What is the Internet

The Internet

Service providers

The functions of the Internet


Does the Internet matter

Three views


The impact of new technology will be something like a combination of the internal combustion engine on town and countryside, TV on our leisure, and the black death on our health - mentally at least. It will destroy the national state, destroy many jobs, and glue our children to the screen downloading porn. This view was ably presented by Ian Angell, LSE Professor recently in The Independent and on BBC2 in the programme on globalisation.

Techno empowerment.

For the first time anyone can be an international publisher. The kid is the back bedroom is as powerful as the grey suits. The Internet can be used to rebuild our communities by democratising communication and provides great opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Techno weary.

The Internet is over hyped - rather like CB radio. If you do use it regularly you will soon fall back to basic email. Top people in the industry use meetings, phone and pieces of paper. See Clifford Stoll in Silicon Snake Oil for this view.

Which is right?


Community networks

10 years experience in North America

In the UK

UK Communities Online


Where's the real value?

The obvious and immediate

The vision


Towards Community Internet


In practice

The approach

Make development transparent - use the medium

Page prepared by David Wilcox October 27 1996