Articles on community networking

Much of the material here written in the 1990's, since when much has changed. There is more recent material on Making that Net Work and David Wilcox's blog Designing for Civil Society

Community networking is used here to describe both the structures and practices of using the Internet for community benefit-community networks and community networking. There's no agreed definition of either, but those involved stress:

In North America, where community networks have been operating for 10 years, many started by providing access to the Internet. Now this role has been taken up by commercial providers, networks are concentrating on information, communication, support and training.

In the UK networks range from those run by local authorities with tight control of content, through to bulletin board systems where anyone is free to post information. Examples of UK networks and listings of networks internationally are provide on this page.

This page lists articles and books relevant to community networks and networking. Those which are on this site are marked 'local'.

Other articles

Some other US resources drawn from Big Sky Telegraph . This will become a space for UK networkers to share their experience with others around the world.

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