CyberSkills - training for citizens in the digital economy

Johanna Nicholls wrote this article in 1997.

The CyberSkills Association, based in Bristol, was founded in 1996 to support a network of locally owned, licensed and quality assured CyberSkills Development Agencies. It is a not for private profit company, limited by guarantee

The Association is working with its members to create a sustainable model of Information Society programmes for access, awareness raising, training, content production, research, partnership and planning. The mission of the CyberSkills Association is to ensure that every citizen is equipped throughout life with the essential values, skills and opportunities to fully participate in creating the Information Society.

The CyberSkills programme developed from funding provided by the UK Government Department of Employment TEC challenge in 1993. The CyberSkills model was created and developed by the
South Bristol Learning Network in partnership with ICL.

The following Cyberskills Development Agencies are running Cyberskills course and may be able to help individuals or develop programmes for organisations

UK plc can't afford a generation of information have nots
Cyberskills open new opportunities in South Bristol

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