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Paying for your resource centre

Many projects start by thinking about funding - but is this the most important thing? Or a good starting point? If you think it's important to start with money, try this exercise:

If you had money, enough and to spare, it's likely that someone would be wanting YOU to lend them a tidy amount for a worthy cause, a sure-fire investment opportunity... or a hare-brained scheme.

If you were in that happy position - and could afford to be generous - what questions would YOU ask before parting with YOUR money? Try it now. If you take a few moments to jot them down, you will soon come up with something which is pretty close to the framework for a Business Plan.

Researching and writing a Business Plan - where funding and finance are only one aspect - is a better way to start. Once you know exactly what you want to do and how you are going to do it, decisions on funding and finance will be easier.

You will at the end of the day, of course require some capital funds and resources to keep going. Those may come from...