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Sharing or hosting space


If you can't afford your own premises consider what you could offer another organisation, or what they could offer your project. Sharing with another organisation can present difficulties - but you can negotiate a "win-win" situation and make it work to everyone's benefit. If you are considering sharing, try negotiating an area in an existing "public" space - perhaps in return for services rendered (management, reception, IT services, administration) or a contribution to rent. Consider space in:

A school

  • many have falling numbers and space to spare
  • they may have or need good IT infrastructure
  • they may have a history or policy of community use

A library

  • they may have or need good IT infrastructure
  • you may be able to help with a strategy to avoid closure
  • they may be part of IT networks, such as the Grid for Learning
  • an existing community or business centre
  • they may need business services
  • they may have or need good IT infrastructure

A shop or private business

  • You bring in potential clients for them
  • Their customers become aware of you
  • You share overheads, and perhaps equipment or staffing responsibilities

A church, temple or other religious building

  • It's a natural gathering place for the community
  • There may be space unused
  • It may help to expand their congregation or update their image


If on the other hand you cannot forsee being able to use all the space in your premises, consider renting out to other organisations, or hosting in return for services. Look for complementary aims and ways of helping each other as well as just considering income from rentable space. Think about:

  • Community groups or activities
  • Voluntary agencies
  • Clubs and Societies
  • Small businesses

Training organisations