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US community networkers strengthen International Association
US community networkers have appointed Madeline Gonzalez to lead US development and create the first US Web site associated with the International Association for Community Networking. One of the main conclusions from the discussions, Madeline reports on the US site, was that 'it has become evident that before thinking of starting an international association, a more immediate need is to create cohesive national associations. ' Communities Online Forum is linked as the UK IACN site. Details and earlier IACN news here
DTI funds Communities Online to support IT Partnership initiative
The Department of Trade and Industry has announced a new four-year information technology and communications initiative, and funded Communities Online to develop a booklet with associated Web pages. Draft guidelines are now available for projects seeking to join the initiative.
NetActivism: How Citizens Use the Internet
In an article based on his new book, activist Ed Schwartz argues that email is the Internet's engine for politics.
New grants fund for community groups to exchange experience
Virginia Bottomley, UK Secretary of State for National Heritage, is offering 500,000 pounds worth of small grants to community groups.
Dublin conference Harnessing the Internet on September 13 1996
...provided an opportunity to share information about how the Internet is being use by community and voluntary groups in Ireland and internationally.
Telecommunities Canada Conference August 1996 Edmonton, Alberta.
Report by Steve Cisler, Network Outreach, Apple Computer, Inc.
New thesis on Community Networks
"Community Networks: Building Real Communities in a Virtual Space?" by Neil Guy examines a number of community computer networks in British Columbia, Canada, focusing on questions of human community. It focuses on the nature and character of the place-based communities that these networks are claimed to embody and promote, and the ways in which the networks are said to build and enrich local community. or

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Harnessing the Internet

A conference on computer communications for
community and voluntary organisations

The Internet is being hyped as the democratic information and communication network that will
deliver Ireland into the information age.

It's clear that the Internet has potential for business and government, but what can the Internet do
for the community and voluntary sector?

This one-day conference will be an opportunity to share information about how the Internet is being
used and might be used by community and voluntary organisations in Ireland and internationally.

Afternoon workshops will interest both the beginner and the more advanced Internet user.

Dublin City University Friday, 13 September 1996

9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Register by Friday, 6 September

Further information and registration:

Carolyn O'Rourke
School of Communications
Dublin City University
Dublin 9
Tel: (01) 704 5227
Fax: (01) 704 5447

Dublin City University is located in Glasnevin, in North Dublin. From O'Connell Street, we are 50
minutes by foot, 15 minutes by bicycle or 25 minutes by bus, number 11A/B, 13, 13A or 19A. For
car parking, use the Collins Avenue entrance. The conference will be held in the Henry Grattan
building - check in at reception.

More information at

Grants for community groups

Virginia Bottomley, UK Secretary of State for National Heritage, is offering 500,000 pounds worth of small grants to community groups.

Speaking at a seminar on community development at Toynbee Hall, London on September 10 1996, she said:

"I am delighted today to be able to announce a new development under the Make a Difference banner - a new grant programme designed specifically to assist community groups to co-operate and learn from each other. Small groups, generally with no paid staff, will be able to apply for grants with the aim of expanding their skills, strength and abilities. The grant programme will have a budget of 500,000.'

Mrs Bottomley added that information technology might have a part to play in the information exchange.

The fund is being administered by the Community Development Foundation. CDF and the Standing Conference for Community Development are organising a consultation conference on general issues of Government policy in the field in autumn 1996.

The full press release 'Bottomley sets out vision for a renaissance of civic pride' is at

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