Community Futures

Articles and discussion on the impact - for good or ill - of the new technology on our communities.

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Inventing the Future
Text of a booklet about what the Information Society may mean for communities, produced by Partnerships for Tomorrow in 1996
Social inclusion in the information society
The DTI IT Partnership leaflet warns: 'Recent research indicates that the pace of technological advance could lead to the exclusion of large and very important sectors of the population from this arena. This section will cover recommendations and debate around that theme.
Global Ideas Bank at The Institute for Social Inventions (http://www.newciv.org/GIB)
Foresight and Futures Studies
Leeds Metropolitan University is running the first Foresight and Futures Studies MA course, starting autumn 1996
An employment policy for the United Kingdom
Paper by Brian Burrows to The UK Futures Group, September 1996.

Prepared by Communities Online December 2 1996
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