Electronic Mail

Electronic Mail, or Email, is widely acknowledged as as the most useful and cost effective part of the Internet. The benefits of this alone could justify the cost of getting online.

Emails can be sent to anyone, anywhere, anytime and only take a few seconds to send. An email is therefore like a fax, a personal letter or a memo, depending on it's use, but has advantages over both. You don't need paper, stamps or envelopes and it is cheaper and faster than conventional mail, and cheaper than fax, only requiring a few seconds to send one or a hundred messages

The recipient(s) of your email will receive the message when it is convenient for them and you don't spend hours playing telephone tag.

! Email is text-based. However you may wish to exchange formatted text, data, audio or video material, for example to work on a word processor document with a group of people. This is where mail attachments can help. As long as the person you are sending it to has the same or compatible software, you can attach a file to an email message. The file will then be copied onto their computer when they pick up their email message. They may then decide to edit this copy and send it back to you in the same way.

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