Searching the World Wide Web

The Internet can provide a vast information resource for community groups - if you know where to look. If you're lucky, you may find that someone has provided a gateway to the content that is most useful to you or your organisation.

If you can't find a suitable starting point, then you may need to use a search engine. These are either directories or databases which attempt to catalogue the constantly changing content of the world wide web As there is so much to find, it's not uncommon to get millions of "hits" or matching entries for a search. You need to focus your search as carefully as possible. Try to:

For UK-based information, Yahoo UK or UK Directory, are examples of directories.

A database such as Alta Vista aims to catalogue every word on every page

Even the best search engines are estimated to have less than half of all web sites catalogued. Newer search engines such as Google and AskJeeves aim to search the search engines, providing an even better answer to your needs.

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