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Community scenarios

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The game provides five Community scenarios:

Each scenario has a grid diagram indicating how sustainable its community, environment and economy may be.

Rural area

Agriculturally based, this is an area where traditional farming is fast being replaced by large scale modern methods. Small hamlets are dispersed throughout the area. Local services (village shops, bus services etc) are in decline. Local youth tend to seek employment elsewhere and there is a growing demand for local economic development and cheap housing to retain the rural population.

Peripheral estate

This area of 1960s housing has fallen into considerable decay. There is a high rate of unemployment caused by the collapse a decade ago of incoming industries. This has left a strong social structure based on previous employment patterns - but few opportunities for the arcane skills developed. The local college is attempting to diversify the skills base. Drugs have recently become a serious problem especially amongst young people, The local school is reckoned to be failing.

Town centre

This is a mixed area in which many people still live. It is relatively prosperous and has become a popular place for small offices and homeworkers to locate. The school is doing well and is locally well regarded. Traditional retail is declining and its place is being taken by national chains. There are general traffic problems (congestion, pollution etc.)

Mining town

Following the closure of three local collieries, this town has a strong community but is ravaged by unemployment and industrial dereliction. There have been several economic initiatives started to alleviate these problems but these are taking time to demonstrate their effectiveness. There are recent signs of a drugs problem. Young people are now tending to seek work elsewhere.


Originally a village based on forestry, it has grown into a pretty tourist centre with a thriving crafts industry. It has attracted many incomers, who mainly commute to the city and who live in several expensive new housing developments on the village outskirts. Local young people claim there is nothing to do and that it is impossible for them to buy into the local housing market.