Community resources

These pages were developed some years ago, and may be of mainly historic interest.

Main gateway sites for volorgs, and mailing lists, newsgroups

Information gateway for rural development, part of the national rural enterprise council.

Community Work Training
Training materials, articles and links from West Yorkshire Community Work Training Group

Black information link
Proving information to bring about improvements in race relations and to act as a forum where ideas can be freely shared

BICA Voluntarty Sector Directory
The results of a project to collect information and links for community groups in Leicester

Community Development Foundation
Focussing on Social Inclusion, Regeneration, Capacity Building and the community sector.

An information, discussion and news service for disabled people and those with an interest in disability issues

An alternative news "supersite". Edited routes into many groups working for social justice and sustainable development, including Oxfam, Save the Children and Amnesty International

The Site
An enormous umbrella site for resources for young people on the web

Local Government
An official list of local authorities on the UK Government's server

Compiled by consultants Tagish Ltd, with a short report on The State of Local Government on the Web

The Charity Commission

UK Public Libraries on the Web
by Sheila and Robert Harden has a comprehensive list of resources.

Fundraising UK
Information about Grants and Partnerships, Examples or fundraising on the Net, Events
and Resources

Extra resources from the providers of the grant-seeking software

Chronicle of Philanthropy
including articles, examples and analysis of fundraising for US non-profits using the Internet

Society of Public Information Networks (SPIN)
Provides a list of member organisations, including many local authorities providing information electronically

National Council for Voluntary Organisations
NCVO News, FAQs, Events, Publications and Services

Learning technology research centre
Schools, education and technology department at Anglia Polytechnic University.

National Organisation for Adult Learning in England and Wales (NIACE)
Including discussion list  on "The Learning Age" - at

Eldis gateway to information sources on environment and development. An excellent set of resources from the British Library for Development Studies

Regularaly updated survey information on use of the Internet

electronic discussion lists for the UK higher education community, many of which are open to all

A useful mailing lists for CVSs and others with a local voluntary sector interest.

Organisations offering advice to volorgs

Menus of members, environment, progressive, spiritual and government links and support for these groups

An co-op set up to provide Internet access and publishing services for non-profits including major trades unions, the UK Labour Party and voluntary sector organisations.

Charities Aid Foundation web services - CharityNet
With a search engine listing over 70,000 community groups, links to Corporate Community Involvement Pages on Company Websites and the CharityCard Directory

Voluntary Organisations Internet Server offers a resource centre, a volunteers noticeboard and a searchable database

Part of the OneWorld site - web publishing for groups in the UK

for all Christian churches, groups and organisations in the UK with resource base, technical training and help

Practical publications

Partnerships Online
How to use IT in the Community and Getting Connected, including articles on the community uses of the technology from commnunity practioners

Legal Issues
The legal concerns of going online for an organisation

NetActivism : The use of the Internet for campaigning
Activist and community networker Ed Schwartz's book NetActivism: How Citizens Use the Internet

Benton Communication Best practices toolkit for non-profits

Total Net Value Advice from the authors of "Making the NetWork", the best guide to getting your organisation online - including a freebies area

New Commmnity Networks - Wired for Change

London Advice Services Alliance
"Computanews" factsheets for Vol orgs

Coyote Communications Resources
Internet and computer tips for nonprofits

A free, online, full tutorial on Internet tools, complete with exercises, from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne. Lets you work through in sections, picking up where you left off last time.

Key policy reports in the field

The Labour party and the information society

Universal access to email
As the government and Microsoft move towards universal email, the RAND group looks at feasibility and societal implications

Panos The implications for the developing world

BT's vision of community networks
Research from the BT Labs team highlighting connectivity as a key issue in local commnuity networks

The COMMIT report
An Evaluation of Community Based IT Initiatives and social inclusion

The Net Result: Social inclusion in the information society
A major work warning against social exclusion and covering far-reaching recommendations and debate around that theme.

Living in the Information Society
Further IBM sponsored reports into the social consequences of new technologies

Community Networking Movement (
Links together various organizations in order to be a jumping off point for information and resources that are available around the Internet and featuring Doug Schuler's new book

NCExchange Internet Gateway
Terry Grunwald's draft for a community network gateway model in North Carolina.

Inventing the Future
Text of a booklet about what the Information Society may mean for communities, produced by Partnerships for Tomorrow in 1996

See also the Challenge Site, an international competition encouraging use of IT in government. The participating projects demonstrate how technology can be applied in the best interest of people and society all over the world.

National initiatives

Electronic Libraries Online (EARL)
EARL is a consortium of UK Public Library Authorities and other organisations which aim to make available the advantages of the Internet to all library users and other members of the public. This is a list of partners

Government Direct
The green paper suggesting that in future some government information provision will be solely electonic and attempting to highlight the issues this raises, including responses.

Information Society Initiative
The governement project aimed primarily at businesses, but of relevance to the independent sector.

IT for All
An initiative promoting the use of IT in society as a whole through the promotion of local projects

ETO European Telework Organsiation and
Community Networks and Teleworking Trevor Locke, UK Host for Teleworking, offers some pointers to links Teleworking and the community at large

ISPO Information Society Project Office (Europe)

Communities Online
A network for community networkers - Activists around the country exploring ways in which new communications technologies can be used for the benefit of local communities.

Partnerships Online

UK Citizens Online Democracy
Discussion and pilot studies on the use of new technology in the democractic process

Association For Community Networking (AFCN)

The US branch of the Community Networking movement. Includes a Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats (SWOT) analysis for Community Networking and Community Networking area with working definition, stories, statistics.