History of UK Communities Online and Partnerships Online

The ideas behind UK Communities Online - and later Partnerships Online - developed in 1995 from sources in the UK, US and Europe. Here's a summary of our history.

Strands of development

UK Communities Online developed from a number of strands:

From regeneration network to campaign

Development by P4T during 1995 and early 1996 focussed on the idea of a Community Regeneration Network, intended mainly for activists and professionals involved in urban and rural regeneration projects. This was discussed at the Communities Online conference at BT Centre in October 1995.

However, during 1996 it became clear that interest in local community networks was growing, and that it was possible to find shared interests in three overlapping areas

Between September 1996 and summer 1997 - when we started development of the Campaign - the main areas of activity were as follows (some work is being developed by Communities Online, some by Partneships Online) :

The campaign now

Details will be found on the the UK Communities Online web site, including news of support from the Department of Trade and Industry and IBM.

A summary of work from summer 1997 - spring 1998 explains how Partnerships Online and UKCO developed as two linked organisations.


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