Case study

One way to clarify the initial vision of a Development Trust is for those involved in the early stages to attempt to produce a case study of the trust as they envisage it in five years time. The headings and notes here provide a framework.


The formal name of the organisation.


Where the organisation operates from.


The full-time and part-time staff and secondees, plus consultants if these provide substantial services.

Area of operation

The geographic area covered by the organisation.

Date of formation

When the organisation was formally incorporated or started operation.

Legal status

For example, company limited by guarantee with charitable status, and whether there are any associated organisations (e.g. a trading company).

Management structure

For example, council, executive, Board, management committee, the responsibilities of these, and how they are appointed or elected. Whether there are any sub-committees and working groups.

Sources of funds for projects and core costs

For example, grants, donations, membership fees, income from trading or property.


The gross annual income of the organisation.

Membership (number and types)

The formal members of the company (if applicable), or other types of membership.

Aims and objectives

The aims and objectives of the organisation included in its promotional materials and/or memorandum and articles. The mission statement, if one has been developed.

Outcome measures

The measurable criteria against which the trust judges whether it is succeeding or failing.

Summary of major achievement

Specific examples of the way in which the organisation is fulfilling its objectives - for example, major projects.

Product and services offered

What services the organisation offers to its members and to others, for example, publications, advisory services, project management.

Methods and activities

Any other ways in which the organisation fulfills its objectives, for example, lobbying.

Relationship with other organisations

How the organisation relates to other organisations, for example, whether they are represented on its committees, or whether it undertakes joint projects.

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