Start up budget

During the start up process the steering group will require funds to cover a range of items. Costs will depend on how much help they can attract in kind.

The steering group should budget to cover some or all of the following items during the start up process:

If the proposed Trust is in an area with special status, they may be able to apply for funding. Otherwise the steering group will probably have to fundraise costs and/or seek help in kind from a range of sources. Where help is offered, it is important that the steering group is able to specify what they require and maintain control over the activity or materials.

Communications materials

The Materials sheet provides suggestions on what may be needed. If you have to keep costs low you may be able to cope with a simple temporary letterhead and some information sheets. On the other hand if you can raise the funds, professional design and a higher level of presentation will greatly help in fundraising and gaining support. Costs may range from under a hundred pounds for DIY materials to several thousand for professional design and production.

Development officer

If the steering group has to appoint a paid development officer, rather than rely on someone on secondment from an existing body, salary and on-costs could range from £5000 - £15,000 depending on the start up period and whether it is a part or full time appointment.

Temporary accommodation

The development officer will require a base and the steering group an address during start up. It may be possible to find desk space with an existing organisation. Even then they may require a contribution to telephone and other costs.


During the start up process the steering group and development officer will run some workshops and seminars. Costs of accommodation and catering should be budgeted.

Legal costs

Fees for advice from a solicitor specialising in Trusts, and the incorporation costs, may be £1000. You should also budget for negotiation of a lease, if that will arise, and advice on contracts of employment.


Make allowance in the budget for the cost of advertising for staff and expenses.

Consultancy and training

The steering group may wish to budget for:

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