Discussion about online communities

The Great Debate

BBC Online launched Great Debate topics in October 1999 about development of local online communities, and has invited other online service providers to do the same.

Other discussions

Development of the manifesto for local online communities and its implementation plan is being discussed on the 'communities' list.

This list is for the discussion of online communities, community networking and the relationships between 'real world' and virtual communities.

It was established following the BBC Online Communities Day in June 1999 http://www.partnerships.org.uk/bol . The list operates in conjunction with Partnerships Online http://www.partnerships.org.uk and is supported by the Department of Trade and Industry.

A mix of policy makers and practitioners in the field are invited to join the list, and discussion will be facilitated by David Wilcox.

Occasional events may also be held to further the list discussions and assist in crystalising conclusion on policy and good (and bad) practice in the field. To join the list mail a request to david@communities.org.uk with a brief description of your interest. To post to the list mailto:communities@p4t.org.uk (once you have been subscribed).

List archives are at http://omniforum.p4t.org.uk/virtual/groups/communities/

Discussion also takes place on the COnet list run by Communities Online. Details are available in the resources section of their web site http://www.communities.org.uk/resource/home.htm .

Other material about online communities is available at http://www.partnerships.org.uk/community

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