Developing the manifesto and a wider network

Developing the manifesto

At this stage - October 1999 - these pages are very much work in progress. Later I aim to link them with a Webboard and mailing lists so that it will be possible to comment on and contribute to different aspects.

Quite a few people contributed to the ideas here, and as I mention elsewhere they bear a strong relationship to a campaign developed by a group of us working with UK Communities Online in 1997. That had some influence, but was perhaps ahead of its time.

Communities Online runs the COnet discussion list which helps to network people in the field - see the resources section of their site. . I am also facilitating a list for people interested in the relationship of real world and virtual communities.

A wider network

The manifesto recommends development of a wider network for local champions and partnerships involved in local centres and online communities. That network may be developed in association with UK Communities Online following their annual conference in Sheffield September 1999 where first plans were developed for a membership organisation.

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