Bob Jennings - Internet UK

Robert H. Jennings has been involved with the voluntary sector for some 30 years and was instrumental in establishing a local network of voluntary organisations in North Warwickshire [NW] where none had previously existed, including the NW CVS, Beeline Community Car Service, the NW CAB and NW Volunteer Bureau.

He also did a stint as a Director of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations. [NCVO].

His experience in commercial activities through the establishment and managment a number of SMEs, held him in good stead and provided a sound basis of management control for voluntary organisations.

Taking early retirement in the eighties but having an interest in the plight of unemployed people, Bob set up the county's largest Community Programme project employing some 1500 people until Government wound this excellent programme up to form the Training and Enterprise Councils.

In 1983, he established Warwickshire Bureau as a registered charity, that during its life until September of 1998 and working with the Employment Service, found work for nearly 8,000 people in the area in a variety of occupations.

At one time, Warwickshire Bureau employed some forty staff in fifteen locations.

In 1994 and recognising that the Internet would revolutionise the way in which people would communicate with each other, whilst businesses would find it incredibly simple to identify solutions to problems by tapping into the wealth of data bases available to them, he established Internet-UK as an ISP and as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Warwickshire Bureau.

Internet-UK claims to be a founder member of ISPA-UK but has always operated as a training tool for unemployed persons to use and so equip themselves to use this powerful business tool.

In so doing, some 200 unemployed persons have found satisfying jobs locally in IT during the past five years.

Many such persons have gained up to NVQ level III in IT and Warwickshire Bureau Training Ltd., - another wholly owned subsidiary - is an R.S.A. accredited training centre.

When the Employment Service locally decided [in their wisdom !], to place the bulk of their programmes with colleges, Warwickshire Bureau wound up its activities and The Internet College as another registered charity was born !

The College believes it possible to provide common packages of distance learning provided by colleges within the UK and indeed, anywhere else in English speaking nations, but use a core of participating college tutor staff to monitor the delivery regardless of whether the tutor is monitoring a participant from their own college or not.

The activities of the Internet College now being much smaller than with its predecessor and having taken over Internet-UK, allow it to look at the voluntary sector more closely and permit the greater use this facility to mutual benefit.

Bob has agreed a partnership with Simon Berry of NREC and it is anticipated that members of CDF will find that which is on offer, to be a powerful tool in promoting their respective Aims and Objectives.