Going online

Barriers to Getting Connected

The benefits for non profit organisations in getting connected are considerable, but even the greatest enthusiasts will usually admit there are some barriers as well. If these are not addressed new users may become discouraged.

These 'terrible T's' are adapted from Terry Grunwald's 'Making the Net Work'*

  • Technophobia - people see machines as enemies
  • Technology bugs - equipment still isn't plug 'n play
  • Technical support - too often inadequate
  • Training - usually too little
  • Tunnel vision - why should we change?
  • Territory - organisations unwilling to share information
  • Tolls on the information highway - do benefits outweigh costs?
  • Turnover of staff - can we cope when the enthusiast leaves?
  • Text - is there enough useful information on the Net?
  • Too little, too soon - should we wait until others connect?
  • Time - it takes lots
  • Transition - it isn't easy to integrate online work into an organisation.
  • Techie vision - development is often machine-led

*Making the Net Work is available from