Going online

Going Online

Getting an organisation connected isn't just a question of upgrading the computer system, buying a modem and signing up with an Internet Service Provider. In his article Think before you connect Paul Ticher suggests asking:

  • what does the organisation want to achieve through this project?
  • will a computer system really help?
  • is the proposed solution the best one?
  • does the organisation have the managerial skills to handle the changes which the project will bring about?
  • has it worked out what those changes will be?
  • are there sufficient resources to cover the training and on-going costs?

Fortunately specialist support is at hand, and Peter Mason tells you Who can help.

If you are more ambitious, and want to help the wider community connect, Terry Grunwald identifies Twelve key functions involved in community networking ranging from providing access through training to information brokerage. With colleague Philippa Gamse she also sets out the Seven steps to building electronic communities

For more recent material see also our new site at and The Guide to Getting Communities Connected